23 May 2016

Research Data Things 11/23 - What's My Metadata Schema?

Getting Started

Unfortunately, in the rush to publish the metadata for datasets are often an afterthought. Until now, the focus has always been on the article being published. Data sharing and providing good metadata is still an unknown for many so is often done last-minute or after the fact (oh that's right I'm obliged to share my data, better bung it together and get it in the repository).

17 May 2016

Blogjune is looming

No doubt @flexnib will be posting about this at Flexnib, but since the hashtag is already starting to circulate...

If you plan to blogjune, register by tweeting your blog URL with hashtag #iambloggingjune.

You will have your blog address added to a list which will be published somewhere, and your twitter handle will be added automatically to a twitter list. Subscribe/follow that list to make sure you get all the participants tweets...

16 May 2016

Research Data Things 10/23 - Sharing Sensitive Data

This thing asks us to imagine a scenario...

Imagine you are either a researcher or a participant in a health data survey:
  • Participant: what questions might you first ask the researcher about intended sharing and reuse of the survey data?
  • Researcher: What responses would you need to prepare to anticipate participants questions about publishing “their data for all the world to see”?
These questions are being asked and weighed up by many Australians now in relation to the 2016 census in which the ABS has announced they will be retaining personal data.

10 May 2016

Research Data Things 9/23 - Licensing Data for Reuse

I am quite amazed at how quickly the position on government data has changed. Less than 5 years ago I recall very reluctant local government personnel worrying over data security. Two years later attended a forum led by a local government body asking us what data we would find useful for them to make public and in what formats and any  other issues we could foresee. They weren't promising everything, but it was a big step forward. Fast forward to December 2015 and we have the Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement, which starts at the position of open-by-default. This is a complete turn-around from closed-by-default of only a few years ago.